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Skillful Tax Preparation & Planning

Insurance & Estate Planning

Many individuals and families benefit from a judicious use of insurance products. A smart insurance strategy and well thought-out estate plan are essential for creating a legacy that will last, for your family and for generations to come.

My dedicated team can assist you with finding the right insurance solutions.

I will work with you to create an estate plan that is custom designed to meet the needs of your family, your heirs, your business interests and your philanthropic considerations.

Mortgage Comparison

Show mortgage prospects the "right" solution

Let's look at the differences between typical creditor group coverage purchased from a lender and what we can offer:

Mortgage LenderInsurance Company Life Policy
Policy ownershipLender owns the policyClient owns the policy
BeneficiaryLender is the beneficiaryClient chooses the beneficiary
Proceeds on deathLender uses the proceeds for the outstanding mortgage balanceBeneficiaries may use proceeds any way they choose
PortabilityAny change in lenders means client will have to qualify for coverage and rates may increaseAny change in lenders will not affect coverage or the existing insurance costs
Rate bandingLenders will cover only the mortgage balance, giving less opportunity to reduced ratesCombining other insurance needs with mortgage coverage could further reduce overall costs
UnderwritingPost-claims underwriting, increases the risk that a client could be denied coverage years after payment commencedCoverage is underwritten at the time of application and once the policy is placed it cannot be revoked by the insurer (except in cases of misrepresentation or fraud)
Decreasing coverageCoverage automatically decreases as the mortgage is paid off without any decrease in costsCoverage can only be decreased by the client, and any decrease will also decrease the costs
GuaranteesSome mortgage insurance offerings may allow the lender to increase rates or even cancel coverage on a group basisRates and coverage amounts are fully guaranteed once insurance is placed
Critical Illness OptionsTypical lender critical illness offerings cover 3 conditions only and limited optionsIndividual critical illness coverage provides comprehensive coverage with multiple options including the return of premium options
RefinancingClients needing to draw equity from their home may be required to forfeit some coverage and possibly reapply at higher ratesClients can keep their coverage regardless of any changes to their mortgage

Manulife Critical Illness Mortgage Protection

When your lender offers to sell you critical illness insurance with your mortgage, what will your answer be?

Purchasing critical illness insurance to protect your mortgage makes a lot of sense. And purchasing it from the lender who's providing your mortgage may seem convenient.

But when it comes to purchasing critical illness insurance to protect your mortgage, it's important to know that you do have options. For example, did you know that purchasing an individually-owned critical illness insurance plan, like Manulife's Lifecheque, can provide greater flexibility and value than a plan offered by your lender?

Here's a quick look at how Manulife's Lifecheque compares to most lenders' mortgage critical illness insurance plans:

Manulife's LifechequeMost lenders
Do I own the policy?Most lenders issue group critical illness insurance. They are the owner and beneficiary - they receive the cash benefit if you became critically ill, not you or your family. The cash benefit is used solely to pay off your mortgage, no matter what your current needs may be. With Manulife's Lifecheque, you own the policy and any benefit payable is yours to use as you choose.YESNO
Will I be covered for conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Multiple sclerosis?Most lenders provide basic coverage for cancer, heart attack and stroke. Manulife's Lifecheque provides protection for 22 covered conditions. Also included in your Lifecheque coverage are other great benefits like our Early Intervention Benefit, which provides a percentage of your coverage for the early stages of some cancers and for coronary angioplasty. If you qualify, you'll also receive our LivingCare Benefit, which provides a monthly payment if you become functionally dependent and satisfy the waiting period.YESNO
Can I choose the amount of coverage?You can purchase only the amount of coverage equal to your mortgage from your lender. As your mortgage amount decreases, so does your benefit. With Manulife's Lifecheque, you can purchase a minimum of $25,000 up to $2,000,000 in coverage. And, since the policy is not tied to your mortgage, the benefit amount doesn't change as long as the policy is in effect.YESNO
Can I continue my coverage if I switch lenders?Most lenders will terminate your coverage if you move your mortgage to another lender. If your health has changed it may be difficult to get new coverage with the new lender. With Manulife's Lifecheque, the policy is yours for the term of the contract.YESNO
Can I continue my insurance coverage beyond my mortgage period?Coverage provided by most lenders terminates when your mortgage is paid off. With an individually-owned plan like Manulife's Lifecheque, your coverage is not affected by your mortgage. Lifecheque coverage stays in effect for the life of the contract, until you terminate the coverage or until a benefit is paid.YESNO
Is my coverage guaranteed?Most lenders reserve the right to cancel your policy at any time. With Manulife's Lifecheque, your premiums and benefits are guaranteed for the life of your contract.YESNO

If you're looking to protect your mortgage with critical illness insurance, it pays to compare. So before you say Yes to your lender, consider Manulife's Lifecheque critical illness insurance. Lifecheque offers two renewable plans - 10-year and 20- year - ideal for protecting your mortgage.

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