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Skillful Tax Preparation & Planning


We appreciate your attention to our accounts and the personal touch you add as well.”

John F, Pickering

“Thank you, Paul, for your concern, help and the advice you have given us.”

Lilianna S, Toronto

“Dear Paul, let me begin by thanking you for your kindness, concern and generosity in this matter…”

Gabriella C-A, Toronto

“Paul, you have helped my wife and I plan through our lives together. From paying off our school debt, to buying our first home, and now developing financial long-term support for our new daughter. Thanks for your ongoing support, every step of the way.”

Chris H, Whitby

"Thank you Paul for moving things around.  I can honestly say that my mom and I trust you in managing the accounts efficiently..."

Precilla E, Toronto

Thank you Paul for all your work and guidance during this process and the time you have spent with me explaining things.” 

Lisa G, Hamilton


Call 416-259-8222 Ext. 243