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Inheritance Case Study Thumbnail

Inheritance Case Study

When Mrs. Smith passed away, her only son and Executor Jim, was not in a state of mind to deal with all the responsibilities as Executor. He met with Paul who walked him through what needed to be done and also assured Jim that he is here to help along the way

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Pension Transfer Case Study Thumbnail

Pension Transfer Case Study

After many years of employment Mrs. Smith decides to retire. As she transitions into retirement she is faced with some important decisions which may impact the remainder of her financial future. For example, "Should I commute my pension to an individual LIRA/ LIF plan or simply accept the default options provided?

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Retirement Income Case Study Thumbnail

Retirement Income Case Study

After saving for the majority of their lives, when the time came that Mr. and Mrs. Smith were ready to start receiving a retirement income they felt overwhelmed with how to approach the drawdown of their savings. Paul met with them and reassured them that he would evaluate their circumstances and take the following into account:

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Downsizing Your Home Case Study Thumbnail

Downsizing Your Home Case Study

When Mr. and Mrs. Smith became empty nesters they set up an appointment with their Financial Planner Paul to discuss the benefits of downsizing. He outlined the following items to consider:

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Consolidating Assets Case Study Thumbnail

Consolidating Assets Case Study

Mr. & Mrs. Smith are approaching retirement and they want to simplify their finances. They are wondering what the benefits of consolidating their investments would be.

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