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Help!!! My kids are bored and I don't know what else to do! Thumbnail

Help!!! My kids are bored and I don't know what else to do!

Protection Lifestyle Updates

Day 21??? of quarantine? (Let's face it we are not sure what day it is really!) 

Like many Canadians, you are voluntarily quarantined at home, some of us are trying to work from home and some of us continuously try to balance the kids and home work. With all that is happening at the moment, it is important to be safe and practice our social distancing as effectively as possible.  (You didn't hear this from me and I can't believe I am going to say this but here goes ..... I miss work!)

Now that March break is over and we have been informed that schools will not be reopening when we thought they were.  Many of us are stuck without childcare and trying to function as normal as possible. All while balancing home work and work work!  I thought I would share some helpful links that will keep the children's minds active and maybe provide you with the necessary break you need for work or lets face it, some sanity!!

Let's keep those beautiful minds learning:

  • Code Break (Computer Science) - They host a weekly Code Break, an interactive webcast to engage all students, even those without computers. Click Here 
  • KiwiCompany - KiwiCompany has put together a great resource hub for activities. Organized by age and comes with parent tool kits and updated daily. Click Here
  • 4 CATS  - Online watercolor, acrylic, drawing & clay classes.  Click Here
  • Mo Willems  - Mo Willems (author of the beloved Piggie & Elephant series) hosts lunchtime doodles every day).  Click Here
  • Audible - Audible is offering free children's books. Click Here
  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy is offering free resources to keep everyone learning for students, teachers, and parents. Click Here and for just for the kids: Khan Academy Kids. Click Here

Here are some links for Kids and Adults alike:

How about some Art, Culture & Sports:

  • Google Arts & Culture –  Allows you to take a virtual museum tour Google Arts & Culture gives you access to the world’s best galleries and museums. Free online tours of the British Museum, The Louvre, The Smithsonian and The Vatican.  The Virtual Museum of Canada has a large digital source of stories and experiences shared by Canada’s museums and heritage organizations. You can even see iconic art pieces up close.
  • Cook Meals From Around the World - Take online cooking classes with Nonna Livewhere you'll learn to make classics from an authentic Italian grandma.  You can also get some free cooking lessons from Delish.com which posts daily cooking videos for parents and children. Try Visiting Kitchen Quarantine on Instagram to follow easy lessons from Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura.
  • Duolingo – Learn a new language!  Duolingo allows you to spend just a few minutes a day learning a foreign language, in a fun game style. It’s free and there’s even an app for kids. You could also have a go at a new hobby. 
  • Visit a Virtual Zoo or Aquarium - Visit Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto to keep an eye on the sharks. The San Diego Zoo is live streaming a number of animals on its website, including koalas, pandas, giraffes and polar bears.  You can also bring exotic animals like snow leopards into your living room with a selection of live video streams from Australian Zoos. 
  • Modern Museum of Modern Art - Take an online course at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art
  • The Metropolitan Opera - Enjoy the New York Opera from home! Streams every night at 7:30 (and available up to 20hrs after)
  • NBA League Pass – Complimentary offering to full length games and condenses replays

 Let's all Exert some energy or simply try to stay in shape:

Please stay safe out there.  Remember hoarding is not helping and be kind to those around you!  We want to make sure you are getting everything you need from us, so let’s stay connected.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Stay well everyone!