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Ten Basic Truths about Investing Thumbnail

Ten Basic Truths about Investing

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I felt it would be helpful to share the below time-tested principals.  More details and visuals are in the below pdf.  As always please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

1) Diversification is still your most important investment strategy.

2) It’s time in the market that matters, not timing the market.

3) Someone’s portfolio will always be doing better than yours (or at least they will say it is!).

4) Markets go through up and down cycles, but they have trended higher over the long term.

5) Markets are unpredictable, so focus on what you can control.

6) What matters isn’t what the market does, but what you do in response.

7) Volatility decreases the longer you’re invested.

8) The more frequently you check your portfolio, the more volatile it will feel.

9) Risk doesn’t look like risk when it’s earning a return – manage risk, don’t avoid it.

10) Headlines often focus on the sensational, short term and negative - none of which should matter to investors.